About Us

At The Juniors Club, we steer learning in children through various genres of activities./p>

We believe that learning takes place best, amidst the great outdoors. It is in this great canvas of nature that the creative sharpness of a child comes alive like no other. With this well established as our core value, several of our workshops are set up al fresco.

Exciting outdoor workshops (Factory visits, Visit to the Aerodome, Traffic Signal Park, Nature Treks etc.), craft activities, role play are just a few ways we go about to generate intrigue in their tender hearts.

Birthdays mark milestones in the lives of the young. We help celebrate not only the day of their birth but also them as individuals. Each child has a unique dream for their birthday celebrations and we feel the most proud to deliver that dream to them. Treasure hunts, sports, athletics, gym, and theme parties...just to name a few that we excel in.

We currently provide our services in and around the city of Mumbai